What’s in a name?

Or, a rose by any … etc … etc …

Like many writers I find it incredibly difficult coming up with great story titles. You know the kind: titles that invade the imagination and shout, hey, you really want to read this story. Such titles peak ones’ anticipation and often encapsulates the essence of what is to come – yet leaving that sense of wonder and mystery in the reader’s mind. Even if a story doesn’t quite live up to high expectations, those memorable titles are likely to remain in the memory banks for a long, long time. And may suck you back in to give that story another chance.

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A year in songs…

Towards the end of 2012, listening to Desert Island Discs on Radio 4, I decided to list the eight records I’d take with me. Naturally I couldn’t keep the list down to eight and so I thought, damn it, why not pick one record per day for the whole of the year. And so on January 1st 2013 I began to post to my Facebook page a track of the day.

Click here to peruse the complete playlist for 2013.