Down Memory Lane…

pitts and cole

It was a trip down memory lane, yesterday. I first met Adrian Cole, Jim Pitts, Jon Harvey and Mike Chinn in Birmingham in the second half of the 1970s. In a bar. (Specifically, that of the Imperial Hotel – now long demolished – venue of the early British Fantasy Conventions.) So it was appropriate that we should meet up again in a Brummie bar. Fond memories were sparked and we all felt as though we hadn’t grown up – mentally, at least.

John Howard and Jan Edwards were also present but, alas, were not captured on my camera’s memory card.

Jon Harvey brought along copies of his latest chapbook, Cthulhu 5, which features “Baptism of Fire” by Andrew Darlington and fantastic B&W illustrations by Jim Pitts. Jon also showed us a mock-up cover of his forthcoming homage to Unknown Worlds magazine, perhaps my favourite pulp of that era. This, again, is a Jim Pitts illustration.

harvey and chinn

In fact, Jim has become very busy again, back into illustrating mode. And about time, I hear you say. Jim has created a wonderful wraparound cover for the forthcoming Alchemy Press book, Nick Nightmare Investigates by Adrian Cole. This will be available in two formats and should be launched at FantasyCon 2014. Mike Chinn is chief editor of NNI and he and Adrian promise a very special treat for the hardcover edition. I can’t wait.

Photos (c) Peter Coleborn. Top: Jim Pitts and Adrian Cole. Bottom: Jon Harvey and Mike Chinn.



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