Honey, I lost the car

A few hours chin-wagging over beer and food in a Birmingham city centre pub, with a couple of good friends, what better way to spend a Saturday afternoon? I gave James Brogden a copy of his soon-to-be published collection Evocations (coming from The Alchemy Press) and he was very pleased with the book. We talked about a possible new anthology for 2016 (more details later). Otherwise the topics of conversation were, mostly, inconsequential. But that’s fine – one can’t save the world every time one meets.

I drove into Birmingham from the south, along the A38, aiming to park somewhere in the Brindley Place area. Now, I lived in Birmingham for 20-odd years. I thought I knew the area well enough. Turns out, I didn’t and I was confused further by the new build in the that area — and all those bloody road closures due to them tearing up the city centre. How much more of Brum can they dig up?

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Warping reality


It’s about time I posted something here. Since I enjoy reading weird tales — stories that take reality and gives it a twist off-kilter, so to speak — as well as peculiar pictures (ah, the joys of alliteration!), this photo seems quite apt. And because a picture paints a thousand words (so we’re told), just imagine this blog going on and on (and on…).

This photo was taken last weekend on the approaches to New Street Station in Birmingham. On seeing this I just knew I had to take the shot. If you look carefully you’ll see me in the frame. So it’s a sort of selfie…