Back again!

I have neglected some of my websites over the recent weeks —  months, even. Most of my energy/ attention has focussed on The Alchemy Press (and it was a busy 2015 with new books, launches at conventions, and the like). So then, this the first post on this website since June last year. It’s brief, but a start.

Pop over to Piper at the Gates of Fantasy to see another of my neglected websites, now with a new post, a review of The Death House by Sarah Pinborough:

” Sarah Pinborough’s science fiction novel is set in a dystopian future/alternate world (it’s not obvious which and it’s not important), in a house that resembles an approved school on an isolated island somewhere far from civilisation. It’s a place where “Defective” children are housed until they die from the illness triggered by their defective genes, a place where there is only one way out – on a gurney, their existence then wiped away. It’s a bleak scenario and yet, despite the death that awaits the inmates, it is a coming-of-age story that bubbles with the promise of life.” Read the full review here.


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