The BFS and Dark Horizons


A long time ago, before I started The Alchemy Press, I did a lot of editing and production work for the British Fantasy Society — including the magazines Chills (aka Winter Chills) and Dark Horizons. I’ve started to list these here. Back then we didn’t have the luxury of home computers with DTP programs. Magazine production involved manual (or electric) typewriters, Letraset, scissors, glue and a lot of paper. It was “fun”!

Today’s small press publishers do not know how easy they have it.



2 thoughts on “The BFS and Dark Horizons

  1. I know what you mean! These yoong whippersnappers ‘oo’ve never created print-ready layouts with letraset and cowgum just don’t know where they’re at, do they? When I were a lad it was even more artisanal: the state-of-the-art for typesetting was ‘ot metal or (oo, by ‘eck, trioomph of technology) linotype.

    (Acknowledgements to Sir Geoff for inspiration. And that Ian Botham wasn’t mooch, either.)

    The first computer-typeset book I ever came across had a typographical nightmare every other line. Eventually I turned to the copyright page to see which setter might have been responsible for this mess. There I found the line “Typeset by” . . . and the rest was blank. A wise company.

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