I am Spartacus…

No, wrong script. I am Peter Coleborn and often go under a couple of other monikers: The Alchemy Press and Piper at the Gates of Fantasy. Check out the links to see what my alter egos get up to. But I know you are all very busy people, so briefly:

The Alchemy Press is a small imprint specialising in Fantasy fiction. I capitalise the word “fantasy” to emphasise that it covers the whole spectrum of the fantastic, from heroic fantasy to horror by way of myth and pulp and other sub-genres too numerous to mention. The Alchemy Press is an award-winning concern. We won the Best Collection Award for Kim Newman’s Where the Bodies are Buried; and this year we won the Best Small Press Award. Both awards were presented by the British Fantasy Society.

Piper at the Gates of Fantasy is a place where I post information and reviews of new books in the greater fantasy world. It (the website) can only succeed if it is supported by publishers and writers sending me material.

I also take photographs and at times dabble with pen, pencil and paint. Check out the tabs on this website.

What else? I co-chair a writers’ group, Renegade Writers, which meets every Wednesday in Newcastle-under-Lyme. And I am also involved with a new publishing imprint, Penkhull Press — publishing a wider range of fiction.

I also offer a manuscript editing service. Contact me for details and prices. In fact, use this form to contact me about anything.

I can also be found on Facebook and Twitter. Not me in person, you understand — just some of my words and images.





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