The BFS and Dark Horizons


A long time ago, before I started The Alchemy Press, I did a lot of editing and production work for the British Fantasy Society — including the magazines Chills (aka Winter Chills) and Dark Horizons. I’ve started to list these here. Back then we didn’t have the luxury of home computers with DTP programs. Magazine production involved manual (or electric) typewriters, Letraset, scissors, glue and a lot of paper. It was “fun”!

Today’s small press publishers do not know how easy they have it.



Editorial services


I am the editor/publisher of the award-winning Alchemy Press (check out the website to see our range of books). The press has won the British Fantasy Society (BFS) Award for Best Small/Independent Press, Best Collection (twice) and has been short-listed over the years in various categories. I also won the BFS Special Award for services to the society.

Everything written needs a good editor and often the writer is not the ideal person to do this — they are too close to the work. That is why writers require good editors.

If you aim to self-publish, either via POD or as an eBook, the layout is vital. It’s the difference between something that appears professional or amateurish.

With writer/editor Jan Edwards, we are now offering editorial and publishing services. If you have a story that needs editing for sense and/or copy-editing, or if you have a book that requires formatting for publication (eBook or print) get in touch now to discuss the project.

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