Dark Horizons 38

dark_horizons_1999 38

Dark Horizons 38 was edited by Peter Coleborn and Mike Chinn. Previous co-editor Phil Williams stood down with issue 37. Joel Lane remained the poetry editor. DH38 was published by the BFS in 1999.

I think this was the first perfect-bound issue of Dark Horizons, a change that’s been with us since. This binding certainly made the magazine look and feel more substantial. It also boasted over a hundred pages – a step up from previous issues.


  • “Invasion” by Rudy Kremberg
  • “The Suburban Vampire” (verse) by Norman J Olson
  • “The Ichor of Ilyus Benz” by Linda Talbot
  • “Clockwise Cryptonia” (verse) by echo syzygy
  • “Roots of a Writer” (NF) by Anne Gay
  • “Draining Away” (verse) by Brian Maycock
  • “Noodles” by James Mac
  • “The Testament of Empedocles” by P G McCormack
  • “Monopoly” (verse) by John M Edwards
  • “Lavender and Lilac: Ghosts, Visits and Old Ladies” (NF) by John Howard
  • “Queen of Clubs” by Allen Ashley
  • “A Soldier in Rohgate” by D Harrigon
  • “The Bezaloo” by Bill Wilensky

(NF = non-fiction)

The front cover artwork (illustrating “Queen of Clubs”) was by Bob Hobbs. Alas, no interior artwork in this issue, barring a photograph of Anne Gay (by Jerry Bauer) and cover reproductions accompanying John Howard’s article.