Dark Horizons 50

DH 50

In the mid-2000s I again found myself involved with the British Fantasy Society, this time co-editing Dark Horizons with Jan Edwards. Our first was issue 50, the publications half-century, which appeared in 2007. Joel Lane was appointed as the poetry editor.  DH50 ran to 116 pages plus colour cover (artwork by Anne Sudworth). The contents:

  • The Bookshop by Murray Ewing
  • The Roots of the Artist: Anne Sudworth . Interview by Jan Edwards
  • Death Angel’s Shadow by Karl Edward Wagner
  • In Lonely Places: The Essential Horror Fiction of Karl Edward Wagner by John Howard
  • Midnight Sun by Karl Edward Wagner
  • All Beauty Must Die by Mike Chinn
  • My Heart Laid Bare: The Work and Art of Joyce Carol Oates by Robert Parkinson
  • Apoca ca lypse by Joy ce Car ol O a te s
  • FantasyCon GoH Speech my Juliet McKenna
  • The Ice Game by Sue Anderson
  • Where the Dead Go by Ian Hunter
  • Black Angel: John Connolly Interviewed by Marie O’Regan
  • The Woman with the Hair by Ian Hunter
  • The Phoenix of Fantasy by David Lee Stone
  • Murdoch Celeste by Allen Ashley
  • With commentary by David A Sutton, Debbie Bennett and Mike Chinn, and interior artwork by Anne Sudworth, Stephen Jones and Bob Covington.

FantasyCon 2007 took place in September in The Britannia Hotel, Nottingham, with GoH Michael Marshall Smith, Stephen Jones and Terry Brooks. The MoC was Peter Crowther. BFS annual membership was £25.