Dramatis Personae

Many novels, particularly the lengthier multi-volumes in the fantasy field, are packed with characters, some major, some minor, others appearing so intermittently that they can be easily forgotten. Many readers will remember a full cast list with no problem; or they simply go with the flow and, especially with a well-written story that has an engaging narrative, hardly ever need to check the list of characters, or dramatis personae . Nevertheless, having something that can be referred to when you’re unsure just who is who can be invaluable. Think Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones and you can see what I mean. Or you may be reading mainstream or crime or any other genre: the arguments for the dramatis personae may still apply.

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What’s in a name?

Or, a rose by any … etc … etc …

Like many writers I find it incredibly difficult coming up with great story titles. You know the kind: titles that invade the imagination and shout, hey, you really want to read this story. Such titles peak ones’ anticipation and often encapsulates the essence of what is to come – yet leaving that sense of wonder and mystery in the reader’s mind. Even if a story doesn’t quite live up to high expectations, those memorable titles are likely to remain in the memory banks for a long, long time. And may suck you back in to give that story another chance.

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